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EMS (Express Mail Service)

Albanian Post sh.a starting from 1990, among the universal postal services also offers fast international postal service EMS (Express Mail Service). Today EMS is a secure mail delivery solution: documents and goods up to 20kg.

The position that EMS occupies today in the market is precisely because of the service it offers, which is distinctive to a special service with obvious superiority over other services and offers security, speed, reliability and information. Staying true to these parameters, with EMS we ship the products to about 200 destinations around the world in 2-5 days, with dignified market competition, fair dealing with customers.

This service is backed by a perfect logistics and organization in the postal network extended to over 500 post offices across the country.

Those who benefit from this service network are actors of the Albanian society and belong to all levels, from ordinary individuals to businesses, organizations, institutions, etc.

The EMS service collects, transports, and distributes correspondence, documents and freight to the destination in a very quick timeframe. Since 2000 Albanian Post has been a full member of the EMS Cooperative, to which 140 postal administrations adhere.

Being a member of this UPU body is for Albanian Post a commitment that requires meeting all European and world standards, which means timely delivery of EMS facilities, tracking and correct response to customers.

To be informed about the outcome of the object sent with EMS service Albanian Post via the TRACK and TRACE electronic service provides the clients at any moment tracking of the EMS object.

Already, in order to accelerate the delivery of EMS facilities to the client’s hands, the Albanian Post has also the attribute of the Customs Agent, performing customs clearance procedures through its employees, reducing the processing time of incoming facilities, serving individuals and companies that expect these items to be deployed as soon as possible for their business or personal use.