Albanian Post and ISSH facilitate pension withdrawal procedures.

All retirees can now withdraw the old-age pension benefit at any post office in Albania.
With the completion of the process of building the electronic pension database, the computerization of the payment system and their control process, it has become possible to simplify the procedures for transferring the pension payment center, regardless of the place of residence, according to the registry of the civil status.
Also, these changes have already facilitated the transfer of the pension file from one Regional Social Security Directorate to another.

According to the procedure, the citizen can submit the claim to the Local Social Insurance Agency where he wants to transfer his file, while he can also submit the claim for payment of the pension to the post office where he wants to withdraw his pension.

This project is initially being applied as a pilot project at the Post Office of Tirana Post Affiliate, to be extended to other affiliates.

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