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Laert Duraj is the Administrator of Albanian Post S.A.

Laert was born in Tepelena on 10 November 1972. He attended the “Administration – Business” studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana during the period 1991-1995.

His career as a manager began very early, starting in the telecommunications field at the only telephony operator of the time, Albtelecom S.A., as Director for the Tepelena region and later on as Director in the Affiliate of New Services in Tirana. On 2004 Laert was appointed Director of Marketing at the General Directorate of Albtelecom S.A. where he was distinguished for his achievements in creating a new image for Albtelecom as a brand, through qualitative products and attractive marketing campaigns.

His career is closely related to education. In September 2006, Laert was one of the early founders of the European University of Tirana where he worked for several years as chancellor, tasked with administration and management of the University. Later on, Laert proceeded his career with higher education, as one of the founders of the “Professional College of Tirana”, the first and the sole vocational higher education school. The vocational education field was neglected over the years, but it was returning to a need of the market.

In his career as a successful manager, Laert distinguished himself for his unique nature  and style of administration and management,  for creation of teams and high team spirit, for making histories of successes.

Laert is married and has two children. He comes from a family of teachers and also his spouse is part of the education system as a pedagogue at the University of Tirana.

In addition to his successful career as manager, Laert is member of public commitments.