Annual Economic and Financial Analysis, for 2018 2019-09-20T14:22:54+02:00

Annual Economic and Financial Analysis, for 2018

Albanian Post sh.a held a meeting with the Directors of the Affiliates and the Directors of the General Directorate of Albanian Post, where the annual economic and financial analysis for 2018 was discussed.
During this meeting, the achievements, challenges and commitment of the Albanian Post to maximize the quality of service delivery and increase their range were discussed.
It was also discussed about the performance of Albanian Post affiliates in the cities they cover, emphasizing their role in building and developing cooperative relationships with clients, businesses, government institutions and respective municipalities.
The Albanian Post Administrator, Mr. Laert Duraj in his speech emphasized the obligation of every employee to work with dedication and correctness to the Albanian Post clients, with ethics and professional conduct by the staff of the counters.