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Coli Post are called facilities containing various items allowed to be mailed. They are accepted at our counters as well as for the international addressable coli post that enters other countries up to 20 kg. Whereas coli posts which are accepted in our counters weight up to 10kg.

The dimensions of the piles shall not exceed 1.8 m each in the total amount of length, width and thickness provided that none of its dimensions exceed 1.1 m. Bulkheads with dimensions not exceeding 2.25 m in the aggregate amount of length, width and thickness are accepted, provided that none of its dimensions exceeds 1.5 m.

The coli post must be packaged in accordance with the weight and contents so that they can be stored during transport and processing. They must be packaged in accordance with the material and composition of the object to be posted. One page of the box should be flat to make service notes, as well as note the sender and recipient addresses. Arrival of a parcel is notified to the recipient by a notice.

The recipient is obliged to withdraw the item within 5 days of receiving the notice. For each day of delay after the fifth day, the customer pays storage.

If you would like your courier to be delivered as soon as it arrives at the destination office, express mail service will be charged, subject to approved rates.

The following items are forbidden to enter the box:

Items that pose a risk to the employee, or that their composition may break other boxes.

Narcotic or psychotropic substance

Live animals, explosives, fuels or other harmful substances.

Pornographic materials, radioactive substances.

Prohibited items to be imported and circulated at destination.