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Postal objects and goods are subject to the required customs formalities and controls and may be subject to customs duties, taxes or other taxes payable on import or export or may be subject to exemption from such payments under the legislation in force.
The Albanian Post has taken all necessary measures to facilitate customs clearance procedures.
There are some cases where objects may be blocked by customs:
• Your object is locked for physical control
• If your item is an online purchase and its stated value exceeds 22 Euros then you will have to pay customs duty in the amount of 22.4% of the stated value.
• If your item is a gift and its stated value is greater than $ 45, then you will have to pay customs duty in the amount of 22.4% of the declared value.
• Notice of payment of customs duties on postal items by Albanian Post
Starting from March 16th, 2018, Albanian Post sh.a. will carry out preliminary clearance of all postal items arriving from abroad that contain goods with total value over 22 Euro as well as gifts over 44 Euro (up to the total value of the object is 1000 Euro).
This prepayment of customs duties by the Albanian Post is carried out thanks to a very fruitful cooperation with the General Directorate of Customs, so that the postal item arriving from abroad will not be delayed for a day to the customs authorities located in the Post Office premises, such that it continues to the post office in the city center where the postal object is addressed.
Upon arrival of the postal object in the downtown post office, the client will be notified in writing to submit payment of the relevant customs duty and the financial service of preparing customs declarations and at the same time as the payment is made, it shall immediately withdraw the postal item arriving in his name.
For the city of Tirana, the post offices where this service will be provided are Office no. 2 near Kristaq Rama School in Paris Municipality and Post Office 5/1 near the former Train Station.
Clients will only have to report to the Customs Office (Post Office Transit Affiliate) only for cases of prohibition of Customs control facilities or when prohibited goods are found.
With this new service, Albanian Post aims to increase the quality of postal services and provide them closer to its customers.

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