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Albanian Post Company sh.a by the end of the first six months of 2017 has performed a transparent analysis of the economic and financial indicators for this period. During his speech, General Director Mr. Vangjush Andoni emphasized the obligation that every employee of the company has to work with dedication and seriousness to meet the company’s objectives and to maintain a good reputation in market. The Directors of Directories, as well as the Directors of Divisions, discussed the issues and focused on the goals of the second sixth month of 2017.

Albanian Post will have the exclusivity of the universal postal service in the next 5 years

The Albanian Post received the authorization of postal universal service from AKEP. The post will have the exclusivity of the universal postal service in the next 5 years.

The official receiving ceremony of the Individual Authorization for Universal Postal Service Delivery was held at AKEP premises.

This authorization is issued by AKEP pursuant to Article 64, paragraph 3, of Law 46/2015, “On the Universal Postal Service in the Republic of Albania”, according to which the Albanian Post will have the exclusive right for a 5-year period in providing universal postal service for citizens. Authorization applies criteria and requires for more rigorous standards for customer service.

The authorization was handed over to the General Director of the Albanian Post, Mr.Majlind Lazimi, by Mr.Piro Xhixho, Chairman of AKEP Steering Committee, in the presence of Post and AKEP representatives.

Mr. Lazimi said that this authorization puts the Albanian Post in front of a greater responsibility in the provision of postal services towards Albanian citizens, motivating for a more qualitative service.

From his side, Mr. Xhixho said that the institution he leads remains ready for other future collaborations, considering the Albanian Post as an important public company.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed the situation of the postal market, issues related to the regulatory aspects of the universal service as well as the vision of the Albanian Post on its future in the Albanian market.

Albanian Post sh.a gains second place in the Balkan race of posters

A team of postmen of the Albanian Post participated in the 43rd Balkan race “Fast Walking” held in Turkey on October 10, 2014.

In this competition, the Albanian Post delegation won the second prize. This is a sportive  competition organized every year among the postal public companies of the Balkan states.

This sports event aims to increase the cooperation and friendship between the regional postal companies. In this competition, postal company leaders talked about the challenges facing postal service in Balkan states, at the time of the rapid technological development of communication.

The Albanian Post delegation, represented by the Deputy General Director, Mr. Entel Agolli, held meetings with counterparts and other postal service officials of the countries of our region.

The “Quick Walk” contest was attended by seven countries: Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey as hosting  and organizing country of the race.

The team of Turkey has won the first place, while the team from Kosovo Post the third place.

Albanian Post appraised with the Prize “Fast, Secure and Everywhere”
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana awards the prize to Mr. Lazimi

During a Gala evening organized by the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry with domestic businesses, Albanian Post S.A.  was awarded with the prize “Fast, Secure and Everywhere Service”, which was handed over to the General Director of the Albanian Post,  Majlind Lazimi.

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded this award to Albanian Post as a public company in the Albanian market for postal and financial services. During these 102 years of experience, Albanian Post has shown a high performance with fast, secure services and a wide distribution of its office network.

Albanian Post has shown continuously that it has the vision to expand and develop more services as well as to always walk with the pace of time by applying new technologies. In this context, the Albanian Post is a company with a high and positive impact on the Albanian society, serving to the citizens with a wide and quality range of products and services at reasonable, fast, safe, and affordable prices.