Dritëro Agolli turns 85 2019-09-21T10:53:02+02:00


Dritëro Agolli turns 85, this day the stamp is issued by the Albanian Post sh.a.
On the occasion of his 85th birthday, the Albanian Post has decided to dedicate the postage stamp to the distinguished writer and academic Dritëro Agolli.
The postage stamp is made by the author Petraq Papa, and has a value of 120 Lek.
The circulation of this postage stamp is 34,250 stamps as well as 250 pieces of FDC (Day One Envelope).
The issuing of this stamp consists of a one-shot series, a tray consisting of nine stamps, as well as the Day One Envelope.
Albanian Post has the exclusivity of issuing and producing the Albanian postage stamp, through which it reflects important historical, cultural, sports, of Albanian or international events.

Postage stamp information:

Issued on: 13.10.2016

The issue consists of 1 stamp

Author: Petraq Papa

Value of the stamp: 120 lekë

Circulation: 34.250 pulla (120 lekëshe)

Stamp dimensions: 31 x 43 mm

Tray Composition: 9 pulla në tabak

Composition of tray for postal service:

28 stamps on the tray (120 ALL)

Day One Envelopes with stamp: 250 copë

Price of Day One Envelope with stamp: 320lekë

Printed in Albania by Adel CO