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Albanian Post also offers a range of national / international money transfer services that include:

Money Transfers (Withdrawal and Shipment of Money within the country and international), which are realized through:

1.Eurogiro (International Electronic Money Transfer)

Albanian Post through the Eurogiro network offers cash-cash transfers, cash-bank transfers and Eurogiro ECI semi-urgent transfers.

In the Post counters Eurogiro transfers are carried out in Lekë or Euro. This type of transfer is carried out for 4-6 business days of banks, notification is made to the customer via mail and the beneficiary is paid 100% transfer value.

Whilst Eurogiro ECI transfers are semi-urgent electronic transfers, only cash-cash is carried out for 2-4 business days of banks.

Service transfer fees

2.Moneygram (International Electronic Money Transfer)

These transfers are carried out via the Delta Works external delivery program. Regardless of the currency received in the host country, the remittances are all carried out in the Euro currency.

Bank loans such as: Procredit, Iute Credit, Besa Fund, Credins Bank

Based on the agreement that Albanian Post has with some second-tier banks, clients can make credit payments to banks such as: Procredit, Iute Credit, Besa Fund, Credins Bank.

Loan Applications for Iute Credit

Based on the Iute Credit agreement, the Albanian Post Office offers loan applications to the financial institution Iute Credit.

Treasury bonds

Clients can apply at the Albanian Post counters for Treasury Bills purchases.

Foreign exchange

In the Albanian Post counters you can exchange the national currency in foreign currency and / or vice versa, as well as the exchange of two currencies with one another.

3.Transfer money with CASH TO CASH

Albania Post Sh.A., as a financial entity that among its priorities has expanded the activity of financial and banking services, has launched CASH TO CASH online transfer service.

All clients can make money transfers within the country, at any post office, across the country, with the lowest tariffs on the market.

For the first time, Albanian Post Sh.a will carry out transfers in the Euro.

The money transfer service fees for LEK and EURO are:

As for students, the Albanian Post will apply reduced fees, – 50% of the value of the respective commissions.