The Albanian Post 2019-09-20T15:35:26+02:00

The Albanian Post, taking note of the recent government decision to lower the ceiling amount on exemption from customs duties, to 22 euros for online purchases and 45 euros for mailings from abroad, assessing the best interest of citizens as and to reduce bureaucracies and procedural costs, will launch new mitigation procedures for all its clients from next week.
From August 22, for all postal objects coming from abroad, for which the customs procedures should be followed and the value of the customs duty paid, the citizens can choose the Albanian Post for its realization, having no obligation to come in Tirana.
Upon receiving notification from the Albanian Post about the post office having customs duties, the citizen will be able to appear at the post office of the branch office with the ID Card, where he will also perform the relevant procedure, having the opportunity to to realize the payment of duty at the post office of the Albanian Post, on behalf of the General Directorate of Customs.
Completion operations of the simplified customs declaration will be carried out by the Customs Post Agent and the completed documentation will be forwarded to Customs.
Afterwards, the postal object will continue to the post office of the city where the citizen lives.