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According to law no. 46. Date 07/05/2015, “On Postal Services in the Republic of Albania”:

Every user in the Republic of Albania enjoys the right to universal postal service, which includes the provision of a postal service with a quality defined in the regulation approved by AKEP and at affordable prices at all access points within their territory.

Universal postal services include postal items such as:


Letter is considered to be any written communication consisting of an official or personal correspondence, sealed in an envelope, which has the shape of a rectangle. On the front of the envelope, the address of the recipient is written in the right, while the address of the sender is written on the front to the left. The address of the recipient and the sender must be complete and accurate, legible, written in Roman capital letters and Arabic numerals. Letters are accepted with a weight of up to 2 kg for both inside and outside the country.


Small packages are referred to as objects containing various small items, artistic productions, gramophone discs, ribbons, cigarettes, trade shows, or any other item that serves as a sample, spare parts etc. These bundles are not allowed to include banknotes or other valuable items. It is important to pay attention to the packaging of the package, which should be appropriate for its shape and content. Package weight should be up to 2 kg both inside and outside the country.


The postal card can be simple, consisting of thin cardboard or 90×140 mm thick paper and Postal Card with paid reply, which consist of two simple postal cards folded over one another, with the difference that the underside one has the inscription “Reply Paid”. One side of the simple postal card is clean, where the sender can write the correspondence, the address of the recipient. Regarding the paid postal card, the latter is delivered to the recipient without detaching its parts.

CECOGRAMS (postal items for the blind person)

Cecograms are the correspondence for the blind persons, which according to the legislation on the status of the blind, as well as the Albanian Blind Association and Directive No. 4038 dated 04/09/2015 and the UPU rules, benefit free postal service.

Postal items for the blind include:

– Correspondence, literature for blind and partially blinds of any format (even voice recordings).

– Equipment or materials of any kind, adapted to help blind and partially blind persons in relieving visual problems.

The weight limit for this category of items is 7 kg for both inside and outside the country.


Invitations, communications and judicial announcements are items that are sent by justice institutions, in envelopes, or opened, and are considered as registered items. These items consist of two parts, the first part takes the place of notification receipt and the second is delivered to the recipient.